We are excited to welcome you at “Research Without Borders: Synergy of Theories, Methods and Practices” website! All the important information on the upcoming event will be posted here https://naukabezgranits2020.linguanet.ru/!

Do not hesitate to ask the organising committee any questions on the conference:

Organising committee: naukabezgranits2020@gmail.com

Plenary sessions: Maria V. Tomskaya, Olga K. Iriskhanova

Panels: Elena I. Karpenko, Anastasia A. Rzheshevskaya

General info: Alina I. Makoveyeva

MeMuMo: memumo2020@mail.ru, Maria I. Kiose

Round Table “Cognitive Studies of Natural Communication: Qs&A”: krugstol2020@mail.ru, Olga K. Iriskhanova

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