Session 1. Semiotics of Politics: Contacts and Contrasts

The session is aimed at discussing the current topics in political science, the specific featured of the modern politics discourse, the role of semiotics in the political discourse

Session 2. History of Ideas – History of People: Practices of Academic Discourse in the Historiography of Sciences

The session aims to discuss the current problems of philosophy, linguistics, history, prominent processes and people in the world history  

Session 3. Person in creativity– creativity in person

The session focuses on the creativity aspects and trends in modern languages and cross-cultural communication    

Session 4. Digital Measurement of Person and Personal: Present and Future

The session is devoted to digital innovations applied in various spheres of knowledge that influence a person’s activity in the modern world

Session 5. XXI Century Professional: the Necessary, Sufficient and Possible

The session aims at discussing the most prominent aspects of the modern concept “professional” in various activity spheres

Session 6. Human beings and their worlds: nature, society, technologies

The session is devoted to nodern technologies and the ways they relate to teaching  

Session 7. Antiquity and Modernity in modern interdisciplinary space: language, culture, religion

The session is devoted to the current issues concerned with the interconnection of language, culture and religion at different stages of society development

Session 8. Social Practices and Mentoring

The session is organised in the form of the Round Table “Social Practices and Mentoring: Applied Aspects of Interdisciplinary Socio- Communicative Research

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