I.A. Kraeva

Rector of MSLU (Chair of the Organizing Committee)

O.K. Iriskhanova

Vice-Rector for Research, Director of the Centre for Socio-Cognitive Discourse Studies (SCoDis) (Vice-Chair of the Organizing Committee)

L.A. Petruchak

Vice-rector for Education

I.A. Guseinova

Vice-rector for Project Management and Youth Policy

A.V. Tsaregorodtsev

Vice-Rector for Development and Information Technologies

G.B. Voronina

Director of the Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages, Dean of the German Language Faculty

K.V. Golubina

Dean of the English Language Faculty

Y.N. Sdobnova

Dean of the French Language Faculty

E.A. Pokholkova

Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting

N.B. Pastukhova

Director of the Institute of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences

Ch.B. Daletsky

Director of the Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences

M.Y. Voronin

Director of Institute of International Law and Justice

M.I. Kiose

Leading Researcher at SCoDis (Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee)

M.V. Tomskaya

Director of the Gender Laboratory at SCoDis (Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee)

E.I. Karpenko

Assistant Director of Polimod at SCoDis

A.A. Rzheshevskaya

Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation for Foreign Students at the Institute of International Educational Programmes

A.I. Makoveyeva

Junior Researcher at SCoDis